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Last updated 28th Dec 2017

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I have added information of the COATES, GEERING, PETTIT, HYDER, SUTTON and WHEATLAND side of the family. plus some more census information. I have now updated the Perkin Family Tree. New information on MORLEY & FELL. I have added some more census information, this time for the PERKINs. More information on the Silwood and Jupp family. I have updated information on the FELL, WHEATLAND & PETTIT families. I have now added my wife's side of the family which is DUNCAN & ALLEN. I have now added some more information on the BAIN LAUDERand BOYD surnames. I have started adding PDF files of the ancestor's of the main family names. The first is for the FELL family and can be found here.

Another QE2 picture. More QE2 items For Sale. I have now added a guide to dating QE2 Postcards & some more data on the QE2 history. 18th June 2007 a black day for QE2 lovers as Cunard announced the sale of the QE2. Lots of new postcards for sale from my last trip on the QE2. I have added some QE2 & QM2 postcards from my latest cruise on the Boudica. I could not recommend Fred Olsen to people who sailed on the QE2. I have now sailed on the Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and the QM2, While I remain a strong fan of Cunard and it's service their standards are slipping. I have added some pictures of QE2 models. This year I tried the Marco Polo and wanted to get off it by Breakfast time. If I said I have sailed with 5 cruise lines and 20 cruises of which 16 were with Cunard I think that says a lot about Cunard.


Royal Caribbean rewrites the rules without telling you first

If you would like me to email you when I update my genealogy data, or would just like to drop me a line, please email me
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