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Last updated 19th May 2020

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I have added information of the COATES, GEERING, PETTIT, HYDER, SUTTON and WHEATLAND side of the family. plus some more census information. I have now updated the Perkin Family Tree. New information on MORLEY & FELL. I have added some more census information, this time for the PERKINs. More information on the Silwood and Jupp family. I have updated information on the FELL, WHEATLAND & PETTIT families. I have now added my wife's side of the family which is DUNCAN & ALLEN. I have now added some more information on the BAIN LAUDERand BOYD surnames. I have started adding PDF files of the ancestor's of the main family names. The first is for the FELL family and can be found here. I have now added a PDF file for the Morley famley and can be found here. here.

Another QE2 picture. More QE2 items For Sale. I have now added a guide to dating QE2 Postcards & some more data on the QE2 history. 18th June 2007 a black day for QE2 lovers as Cunard announced the sale of the QE2. Lots of new postcards for sale from my last trip on the QE2. I have added some QE2 & QM2 postcards from my latest cruise on the Boudica. I have now sailed on the Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and the QM2, While I remain a strong fan of Cunard and it's service their standards are slipping. I have added some pictures of QE2 models. If I said I have sailed with 5 cruise lines and 28 cruises of which 23 were with Cunard I think that says a lot about Cunard.


Royal Caribbean rewrites the rules without telling you first

If you would like me to email you when I update my genealogy data, or would just like to drop me a line, please email me
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