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FELL, Dorothy May (marriage to Sydney William MORLEY) (i5), b.1917-


JUPP, Alice (i393), b.1856-
JUPP, Annie Florence (i9), b.1888-d.1968
JUPP, Caroline (i336), b.1845-
JUPP, Charles (i401), b.1877-
JUPP, Charles (i407), b.1813-
JUPP, Edwin (i392), b.1853-
JUPP, Eliza (i337), b.1847-
JUPP, Elizabeth (i389), b.1847-
JUPP, Elizabeth Jane (i82), b.1884-d.1954
JUPP, Ellen Florence (i403), b.1883-
JUPP, Emma (i394), b.1858-
JUPP, Ester (i391), b.1851-
JUPP, Florence (i417), b.1893-
JUPP, Frances (i335), b.1843-
JUPP, Frances (i408), b.1825-
JUPP, George (i334), b.1829-
JUPP, George E (i280), b.1870-
JUPP, George William (i84), b.1891-d.1917
JUPP, Henry (i88), b.1817-
JUPP, Henry (i90), b.1850-d.1913
JUPP, James (i360), b.1821-
JUPP, James (i388), b.1845-
JUPP, James (i400), b.1875-
JUPP, Jane (i338), b.1849-
JUPP, Jane (i390), b.1849-
JUPP, Jane (i398), b.1869-
JUPP, Jane (i409)
JUPP, Jane (i414), b.1781-
JUPP, Jesse (i402), b.1880-
JUPP, Jessie (i387), b.1843-
JUPP, John (i415)
JUPP, Joseph (i339)
JUPP, Joseph (i341), b.1832-
JUPP, Joseph (i412), b.1776-
JUPP, Maria (i396), b.1862-
JUPP, Mary (i413), b.1779-
JUPP, Philip (i22), b.1852-
JUPP, Philip (i85), d.1919
JUPP, Philip (i340), b.1787-d.1862
JUPP, Philip (i386), b.1842-
JUPP, Reginald (i404), b.1884-
JUPP, Richard (i399), b.1871-
JUPP, Sarah (i411), b.1774-
JUPP, Thomas (i405), b.1886-
JUPP, William (i332), b.1785-d.1855
JUPP, William (i342), b.1811-
JUPP, William (i344), b.1864-
JUPP, William (i395), b.1860-


MANVELL, Fanny (marriage to Philip JUPP) (i23), b.1859-d.1938


MORLEY, James William (marriage to Annie Florence JUPP) (i8), b.1880-d.1978
MORLEY, Leslie Melbourne (i60), b.1913-
MORLEY, Ralph (i59), b.1910-d.1924
MORLEY, Sydney William (i4), b.1920-
MORLEY, Vincent William (i2), b.1943-


NEWNUM, Caroline (marriage to Henry JUPP) (i89), b.1823-
NEWNUM, Charles


NIXON, Emily (marriage to Leslie Melbourne MORLEY) (i288), b. 15 Dec 1919-d. 27 Nov 1994


RICHARDSON, Catherine (marriage to George William JUPP) (i187)


STANFORD, Caroline (marriage to James JUPP) (i385)


WEBB, Frank (marriage to Ellen Florence JUPP) (i406)

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